Crystal - V.C. Andrews

Crystal's plot was plenty predictable, with the exception of the very end. It did not go in the direction that I'd thought.

When Crystal is adopted, immediately Thelma begins to explain why they can't have their own children, which doesn't seem all that unusual. I don't know from personal experience, but I think it's safe to say that when a child is adopted, they want to know why their new parents don't have any biological children. It's natural curiosity. I'd even wager to say that many of these parents would simply say that they were physically unable, and leave it at that, at least for the first day. However, Thelma feels the need to explain her husband Carl's low sperm count for their first conversation. I think that's when I realized that she was going to be the one with the issues between her and Carl.

And issues she did have. I know many people who watch their soap operas and are quite obsessed. Well, let's just say that this woman takes it to a creepy levels. I mean, making your husband pretend to be a soap character during sex and reciting lines. It was just too much.

I think the grandmother dying was overkill, no pun intended. It just added unnecessary drama.

Overall, your average V.C. Andrews