Cat - V.C. Andrews

This is definitely the most disturbing of this series.
Cat deals with issues that none of the other girls had to. This wasn't arguing parents or legal disputes or even absentee dads. This was serious psychological abuse.
She grew up thinking that her body was something to be ashamed of because of her mother's own fear of anything remotely physical. Then he father reinforces that idea in the opposite way by taking advantage of her naivete and loneliness in the worst, most disgusting way possible.
She was sexually assaulted by her schoolmates, which just make the trauma that much worse.
The fact that she is as normal as she is, is a miracle.
I found her the easiest to relate to as a narrator in terms of social status. She wasn't raised in the ghetto, but she wasn't super rich either. She had what could have been a normal, average American home life if her parents hadn't been freaks.
I was shocked at the end to learn that her mother was her sister.I fell like there's more to the story than that. With V.C. Andrews, there always is. I'm sure those things will be addressed in Into the Garden.