The Reckoning - Kelley Armstrong

Where to start with this book? What can I say? It was perfectly executed. Loved it. Fabulous. 

I've yet to read or hear a negative thing about this book...other than the love triangle. Well, news flash. There isn't one. Yes, Simon liked Chloe, but it was superficial and passing. He totally backed off when he learned she wasn't interested, and even asked if they could return to being friends, no hard feelings. And it wasn't until their failed date that Derek even admitted to his interest in Chloe, and even then, he never really admitted it. It just happened. So, buzz off, party poopers.

There was a lovely blend of action, suspense, and romance here. 

Yes, they were on the go again, but a good chunk of the time was spent with Andrew. The entire time I was wondering if they could really trust him, as were the characters. As it turns out, it was a mixed answer. 

The character growth here was pretty darn good, especially for Tori and Derek. Was Tori still a bit of a bitch at the end? Yes, but it was an amount of bitchiness that I can live with. She moved on from her bitterness toward Chloe, but she still called her out when necessary, as she did with Simon (whom I'm 99% sure is her half-brother) and Derek, which was pretty funny at times. But she grew up. She gave up the bulk of her diva antics, and even offered to clean Andrew's house for cash. That's definitely a step up from the haughty spoiled brat that she was in the first book.

Derek also changed a lot, in more ways than one. I think becoming a wolf, actually completing the transformation, took his edge off. Also, I think Chloe softened him up a bit. She actually made his ask for help when he needed it.

That was probably my favorite part of the book, and not because they were my ship. They challenged each other and made each other think and respond differently than they would otherwise. They're good for each other.

Normally I say Hell no! to the whole, he's mean because he's protecting me bit, but I don't mind it here. That's because Chloe stands up to him. She doesn't just take his words as gospel, but she does trust him when it's right.

However, I do kind of wish that some of the other characters had gotten to make decisions without having to consult with Derek first. I mean, it's true that they all could have ganged up on him and refused his plans, but they didn't. Whatever. He was usually right anything.

I also like the story here, and that goes for the entire series.

The idea of making suped up supernaturals was really new to me. I like the idea. The Edison Group was obviously the big bad here, but I understood their motivations. Still, that doesn't make it right. Make them super powerful, but kill them if they're too powerful to control. 

I don't really understand Royce's part in the story other than filler, much like the couple pages where Chloe was momentarily possessed. I thought they were going to take the story in that direction, which would have been interesting. 

Aunt Lauren redeemed herself by the end, and I was really worried about her for a while. I'm glad she finally came around to accepting Derek, even if she didn't like him. 

I still don't get why werewolves are looked down on, though. It can't really be because they're more dangerous, because all of those groups have their defenses, etc.

Overall, I'm pleased with how the trilogy ended. I felt like all the loose-ends were tied up.