Frostfire - Amanda Hocking

I liked this book, I really did. 

I think it has a lot of promise as a series starter. However, as a stand alone, it didn't do much for me.

There wasn't as much action as I would have liked. Any bit of excitement happened when Konstantin was around, which wasn't enough for me. He's the only character that has any... umph, we'll call it. Probably, that's because he's the supposed villain here, and as we know, I have a soft spot those guys. I wanted more. I wanted to see Bryn do some major Tracker ass-kicking. There were a couple bouts with Konstantin, but nothing big and he pretty much let her win. I wasn't impressed.

The romance here was stale at best. I just didn't believe that Bryn was interested in Ridley, and considering he's sleeping and dating Juni (whom he's dragging along, in my opinion), he's not that into her either. It felt like a romance of convenience, like Hocking needed a "forbidden love" and that one made the most sense. It also gave her plenty of room to put them in awkward situations. 

Sending them as ambassadors together.

Her changing in the SUV while he changes just outside. 

Despite this, however, I still didn't feel any tension. Even when it was obvious there was supposed to be some. I mean, that kiss, the one I'm fairly sure we were supposed to be anticipating, did nothing for me.

What saved this book for me was the fantasy of it. I like learning about the Troll society, and we got some more of that than we did in Trylle, which was nice. 

Also, this one is even more political. There's more backstabbing and social climbing and those two things always make the story more interesting.

I'm looking forward to the rest of the story, and here's why: Because this is how Hocking works. She spends much of the first book introducing things. Setting. Characters. Relationships. Problem. Goal. Then the real story begins. 

Looking forward to the next book in May of 2015