Second Chance: 2 (Left Behind: The Kids) - Jerry B. Jenkins, Tim LaHaye

I'm not going to lie. I feel sorry for these kids. Their all orphans and they really have no way to care for themselves. (Good (and convenient) thing Judd's dad was rich). 

However, I think that three of the kids, Judd, Vicki, and Lionel, were convinced a little too easily. I get that they grew up hearing about the Rapture, but they didn't even question it when it happened. Again, that seemed convenient to me. I would think that there would at least be a little bit of denial there. I think making them instant believers moved the plot along, and given that this is Left Behind: The Kids, Jenkins and LaHaye want to make the plot snappy to keep the interest of young people. And since I probably should be reading the adult books, which are probably more my speed (and I fully intend to get to those when I complete this series), I shouldn't complain too much. 

I think the only character who reacted realistically was Ryan, the obligatory skeptic of the group. Of course, he didn't want to believe that his parents died unsaved and went to Hell. What twelve year-old would? 

I'm very interested in what happens to them. Will they get to stay together in Judd's house? Will the authorities say they need adult supervision and split them up?

I'll find out :)