The Summoning - Kelley Armstrong
Loved this book. Loved the characters. Loved the suspense. Loved the mystery. Loved the twist at the end, even if I hate it at the same time.
Chloe is a strong female protagonist. She isn't afraid to be honest and stand up for herself. I love how brave she is with Derek, even after he hurt her. She still isn't afraid of him. I think it's great that she stands up to Tori as well. Somebody had to, and she didn't let the way Tori's mother treated her, make her feel too sorry for her either. Tori is responsible for herself and how she treats others.
Rae is the fun friend. I think she's going to be the wise-cracking sidekick and give Chloe the reality checks when she needs them. I really hope that she truly does have special powers. I want so badly for her to fit in with the other three.
I had a few laugh out loud moments with Derek. His gruffness is amusing. I feel bad for him because he is so hard on himself. He's done bad things but honestly, it was self defense. Or brother defense. Whatever. He can't help what he is, and he shouldn't have to. I feel bad for him and his odor. He can't help it. Though, that I would change. I can tell it hurts him the way people treat him differently, or at least affects him, even if he's too tough to admit it.
Simon definitely has an easier time than Derek, but he's still considerate. I think he's going to be the heart of the group. He comes off as a little naïve.
I think Chloe had more natural chemistry with Derek than Simon, but I think since Simon is more apt to admit it, they'll be the ones to hook up first and Derek will just let it happen. Don't let it happen! TEAM DEREK all the way.
I really hope they made it out and can save Rae and Chloe.

The plot was really well paced. There was enough suspense to keep me interested but it still gave some answers as it went along. Questions were left dragging out. I was shocked by Aunt Lauren. She's horrible. Go to Hell, Lauren! You're a terrible person. I want to know what's going on in the group home. Are they there just to be tested on or what? And do they kill the kids who don't meet the criteria or are uncooperative or whatever? What happened to Liz?