The Selection - Kiera Cass

Okay, so I admit, I want to know what happens next. Despite my complaints, all of which I've listed nicely in my status updates, I am truly interested in what happens to these characters.
And what do the Rebels want? Equality? Revenge? Food? What are they looking for when they search through the palace?
And who will America choose? The way I see it, both Aspen and Maxon are on an even playing field. She's known Aspen longer and they are more committed to each other, but he did make her sign up for the Selection in the first place. Besides, if he hadn't sent her off heartbroken then it wouldn't have been so easy for her to develop feelings for Maxon.
Maxon has the prince thing going for him too, but I really don't think that means anything to America. He's awkward, sure, but that's to be expected when the only female thus far go his life is his mother. He really seems to care about what she says. Except when it comes to Celeste, though her pretty much admitted that he kept her because she'd make a good *proper* queen.
I am so glad Marlee is still in the running. I think she would make a good queen. She would be fair and kind. Too bad she and Maxon have zero chemistry by her own admission.
I really do wish there had been more plotting and backstabbing in the story. I mean, these girls aren't just fighting for a husband, but a crown. Where's the real competition?
Also, I'd like to know more about this world. I'm going to go out on a limb and say this is dystopian, but they still seem to have all our technology. What's the year? I know there was a world war, but where does the country formally known as America stand in the line up?
Overall, this came across to me as a Princess Diaries meets Hunger Games crossover.