The Gathering - Kelley Armstrong

Okay, I really would have liked this book...if I hadn't read The Darkest Powers series first. The Catch-22 of that is that you kind of have to read the Darkest Powers first. Well, that was a lie. You don't have to. But it certainly makes a lot more sense if you do.

I can't help comparing this to The Summoning. So much of it is similar. The characters. The plot. Just about everything but the setting.





On and on.

Of course, the plot here is the same. These kids are born with supernatural abilites, theirs however, are part of Project Phoenix (bringing back extinct or near-extinct supernaturals) rather than Project Genesis (creating super-powered supernaturals). Regardless, it's the Edison Group behind it.


The Ships...

I really want Maya to choose Rafe, despite his pretty much tricking her into telling him about herself. I understand his motivations. He wants to help his sister and needed to find someone like them- Skin-walkers. To me, the Native American Skin-walker thing is a bit cliche. Find something else. Anyway, back to the 'ship. It doesn't have the intensity of Derek/Chloe, but I still like them better than Maya and Daniel, and though he's obviously into her (which she is too blind to see, but don't get me started), I think they have more of a friendly, almost sibling relationship. That may change as the story progresses.

The one thing that Daniel and Maya have in common is that they are both oblivious to the opposite sex. ~Looks like I'm starting, after all, huh.~ Daniel is into Maya, just like every other guy in town. And Every girl is desperately in love with Daniel, except for Maya, but he's clueless.


I think Maya, like Chloe, is too perfect. Even when she makes mistakes, everyone coos over her, telling her it's okay. She can do no wrong. She never does anything selfishly or carelessly. She's always self-sacrificing. It gets old. Why can't they slip up just once? Every female except for the protag is either crazy or a bitch. Or in some cases, a crazy bitch. Why? Is Armstrong really that reluctant to give her female MC any competition with anything? Brains? 'Cause Maya is a straight-A student, easily. Body? 'Cause, her MCs are the hottest girls around. But they never realize it. Oh, no. They're modest, above all else. Come on. Flawless characters are boring characters!


The story is pretty much the same as The Summoning. Too late these kids realize that someone is messing with them because they have powers. Here though, they aren't meant to think they're crazy. Oh, no. They're just kept on a private little Canadian island with everything right there for their convenience. Why? Because the medical lab that pretty much owns everyone keeps them there. Too me, it's odd to buy an island for your employees to live on, but maybe that's just me. 


Hoping for more from book 2.