The Calling - Kelley Armstrong

I had high hopes for this book, and perhaps that was my downfall. 

I wanted it to be as good as the Darkest Powers series, and considering it's a continuation, I thought those hopes were justified. Nope.

This book got repetitive. 

Maya (a Chloe knockoff) spends her time ignoring the blatant flirting of the guys around her (just like Chloe) and she runs in circles in the woods, "leading" the group. Okay, at least Chloe was in the city and things happened. The repetition killed me here, Chloe comparisons not withstanding. This book could have easily been cut at least fifty pages of just her sniffing around in the woods. There just wasn't much action as I'd hoped. 

There were a couple injuries, but nothing life-threatening (no, that would have created some suspense). 

There was Rafe sacrificing himself, but come on, we know he isn't dead. He's the only exciting one in the bunch. He has a little bit of mystery about him. Of course, he's only in about twenty pages total. At least, if he'd been in the forest, he could have helped, but, no, that would take glory away from perfect Maya, who is the only reason any of them can go on living. Can you hear my sarcasm through the screen?

Oh, and we wouldn't want any tension between him and Daniel. Because you know, Daniel is the good guy who girls fawn over, but he's simply too humble to recognize it. Gah. Daniel would never be hostile towards Rafe, because that would mean he isn't flawless, and then he and Maya couldn't make the perfect couple. Gag me.

So, why did I like this book? I liked it for the not so perfect girls, i.e. every girl but Maya. Is Armstrong really that afraid of her female MC having any competition that Sam, Nicole, and Hayley have to be crazy or bitches or crazy bitches.

Maya is our angel girl. We get it. That doesn't mean that none of the other females can have good qualities.

I'm looking forward to the Darkest Powers gang in the next book. It's pretty much the only reason I'm reading it.