Fifty Shades Darker - E.L. James

Well, I wanted to know more about Christian, and I certainly got it. 

But first...
Mrs. Robinson- how I loathe her. How dare she intrude on  the first healthy relationship Christian has ever had?! What gives her the right?! Because she taught him to "fuck"? She was his molester, so now she gets to control who he can and cannot be with?! And her line, "Make her understand." Like he has to make Ana understand his past "relationship". Her bloated sense of self-importance had me boiling. She got a taste of what she deserved, however, thank goodness. And Christian saw her for what she was. Yay!

Now that's out of my system.

Leila. She was crazy and I felt bad for her. But she was one of Christian's ex's. And he bathed her?! I was furious. She just snuck into Ana'a apartment with a gun, ready to kill God knows who, and he bathes her?! Then dresses her in Ana's clothes?! Not the clothes he bought her, but her own clothes?! I get that he feels responsible for her (though I don't get why. She's an ex and it was a professional relationship, at most.) but that was wholly inappropriate. What was he thinking? Then he goes straight from that to proposing to Ana?

And I am so glad she made him wait. He needed to. He's so hypocritical. She can't see Jose for drinks without him being angry, but he can bathe his ex sub AFTER SHE TRIES BREAKS INTO ANA'S HOUSE WITH A GUN!? Yes, I was less than pleased.

Okay--rant over.

We do learn more about Christian and I can begin to understand his self-loathing. He was treated horribly as a child. I understand that he wanted to punish women who looked like his mother, because that was cathartic. What I don't get is why he would want to have sex with them as well? Creepy.

Again, five stars for pissing me off. :)