Earthquake!: The Young Trib Force Faces Disaster - Jerry B. Jenkins, Tim LaHaye, Chris Fabry

So, I missed a lot between books, it would seem. Good thing each one starts with a recap since my library refuses to order the ones that are missing. *Grumble*

It's still hard to believe that Bruce is dead. Where is the leadership? With the Young Trib Force scattered, it doesn't seem like they'd have much leadership even if he were alive.

Chaya tried to reach her father, and though he'd disowned her for abandoning her Jewish faith, he was obviously heart-broken over her death. Maybe that's enough make him question his beliefs. 

I'm most worried about Ryan. His letter to Vicki was so sweet. He's matured so much. I wish he'd gotten a bigger role through the books. It seems like he was always left out of everything, and the sad part was, he sort of got used to it. Really hoping he lives.